[Obm] Access denied for user: '@localhost' to database 'obm'

Pierre Baudracco pierre.baudracco@aliacom.fr
Fri, 09 Sep 2005 10:39:13 +0200

Hi Gavin,

Gavin James (svr02) wrote:
> Hi, I'm having a few problems installing OBM.
> I have tried to install on CentOS 4 running mysql version 4.1.10a, apache
> version 2.0.52-9 and PHP version 4.3.9
> I could not get the install script to create the DB in full and PHP
> complained about cgp_hide variable.

What is CentOS ? A child of an Atari OS (there was a french company Centek 
that tried to do this) ? Anything related to BeOS ?

> I decided to try and install it on Fedora Core 3 which had better results in
> that I could get the DB to install fully but the PHP was still not happy.

Have you look at the online Faq ?

> This time I went back to Redhat 9 running mysql version 3.23.54, Apache
> version 2.0.40 and PHP version 4.2.2. Now the install script runs with no
> errors, great. Unfortunately when I point a browser at the site I get the
> logon screen and everything looks ok but when I login I get the following:-
> Database error: cannot use database obm
> MySQL Error: 1044 (Access denied for user: '@localhost' to database 'obm')
> Session halted. 

This is a problem with mysql.
The user obm has not been granted rights to access the obm database.
Look at the line (in the install doc)

GRANT ALL ON obm.* TO obm@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'obm';

> I have looked in the mailing list archive I found one guy that had the same
> problem on a Debian setup, it was suggested that he checked his
> php_include_path in his virtual host configuration. I do not have such a
> line, I have done some looking around but my knowledge of PHP is very
> limited and I have tried entering php_include_path in my httpd.conf file
> with the virtual host and apache complains about it and refuses to run.
> I did note that the last guy to have this fixed it by installing Apache 1, I
> would like to avoid this if possible and get it up and running on my current
> version of Apache.

OBM runs well on apache 2.

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