[Obm] Redirect address overrides sieve global configuration

Benoit CROQUIN b.croquin at labsoft.fr
Mon Dec 12 10:30:16 CET 2016

Hello all,

A global custom sieve script is active on our obm installation for one domain.
We face up with the following problem  :
When an account in created as a redirect mail, the global sieve script is no longer active for this new account.

Please find the following details with data about the issue :

Our global sieve script :
---root at myserver:~# cat /var/spool/sieve/global/global.script
require ["envelope","fileinto","copy"];

if header :contains "X-Spam-Flag" "YES" {
    fileinto "SPAM";

In each user sieve configuration we have :
---root at myserver:~# cat /var/spool/sieve/domain/m/mydomain.fr/m/my^user/defaultbc.script
require "include";
include :global "global";

When a redirect account is created in obm ui :
---root@ myserver:~# cat /var/spool/sieve/domain/ m/mydomain.fr/i/info^myserver/info.myserver.fr.sieve.script
# rule:[OBM Nomade]
redirect "myuser at myserver.fr";

When a redirect account is created, a new sieve script is computed and the global sieve script is omitted.

Could you please help us to know if we are doing something wrong or is it possible to merge sieve scripts ?


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