[Obm] docs? manuals?

Pierre Baudracco pierre.baudracco at aliasource.fr
Wed Sep 2 01:59:55 CEST 2009


all the docs are on obm.org.
There are mainly installation or technical infos.

There are some sample configuration files where you can find some infos

All modules are included in obm. It's a configuration question
see obm_conf.inc

So when your are done with the confiuration, you can help and contribut with 
english user docs ;)


joz wrote:
> Dear OBMers,
> I installed OBM to test and to get to know it.
> But I cant find the manuals!  =-O
> sorry, am I blind? Under "documentation" I see the installation guide. 
> But now that I installed where do I go on? Where are the manuals for 
> administrators and editors? Where do I find additional modules or 
> templates?
> Thanks for helping me out here.. cleaning my glasses didn't do.
> greets
> joz

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