[Obm] Contact Deletion ok on OBM but nok on phone

Thomas Hilaire thilaire at linagora.com
Fri Mar 11 15:46:20 CET 2016


Your log line is relevant, the bad synchronization state is due to 
eviction done in the memory store.

Unfortunately this component often drops data required to make opush 
working as expected.
It is related to an ehcache bug, even if we have configured it to 
discard oldest data, it sometime drop fresh data.

How much memory do you allow to opush ? Give more memory permit to 
encounter this bug less frequently.
What is your opush version ? I suggest you to at least upgrade to the 
latest opush 2.x, or even to opush 3 which is so much stable.


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On 03/10/2016 04:05 PM, Benoit CROQUIN wrote:
> Hello,
> The following problem we face concerns a no-synchronization between obm and phone devices.
> We can not understand why when a contact is delete via obm interface, the contact is still present in phones.
> I have checked opush.log file (in /var/log/opush) and find some errors :
> 15:57:09.784 [ERROR] {o.o.p.s.e.CacheEvictionListenerImpl} [t15/cSync/r211520/my.name at company.fr] Eviction detected on cache unsynchronizedItemService for key Key_2_4_2_4{syncKey=SyncKey{syncKey=e65ab1bc-3687-46ee-8b61-3ed5240aa7fc}, unsynchronizedItemType=DELETE}
> Is this error relevant ?
> Could you tell me please why contact deletion in obm is not synchronized with phones ?
> I also have to check if every phone device is well synchronized, so is there a way to know from obm server what contact are on phones ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Benoit Croquin
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